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White Paper ‘Microinequities in the Workplace─

What if Some of Your Key Team Members are Invisible?

Helps Insurance Organizations Manage a Diverse Workforce

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July 26, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona

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Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse. Our increasingly lean organizations must utilize the unique talents of all their team members to effectively compete in today’s global marketplace. Microinequities, negative subtle messages we send to our coworkers, can restrain workplace productivity and ultimately drive talented employees out of your organization.

Today an organization’s brand is largely driven by social media. When employees feel disenfranchised, they frequently voice their complaints in cyberspace. Organizations without a diverse intellectual workforce cannot compete effectively in today’s global marketplace. And although companies support diversity, diversity does not always equal inclusion.

Nancy Germond, MA, SPHR, ARM, AIC, ITP, the president of Insurance Writer, a risk management and insurance consulting and training firm, developed a White Paper outlining steps organizations can take to avoid microinequities in the workplace. Ms. Germond’s White Paper, “Microinequities in the Workplace,” offers unique solutions to help companies strategically address the challenges inherent in today’s diverse workforce. For a copy of this informative paper, click here:

For more information regarding presentations to your organization of this subject or other management topics, please contact Ms. Germond at (602) 870-3230. Ms. Germond develops marketing material, training curriculum and provides consulting services to insurance carriers, agents and insurance industry vendors. A skilled and perceptive presenter, her relaxed and humorous presentations focus on societal risks impacting today’s insurance professional as well as tips for tightening day-to-day claims operations.

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