Why Wait to Publish or Advertise?

Why wait until the economy is in full swing to publish or advertise?

This has been a busy year for me. While I don’t think the recession is over yet as the financial pundits trumpet, most of the human resources directors I speak with indicate they are hiring more.  Since the first of 2011, I received more agent and carrier phone calls and emails asking about advertising collateral and training.

As the recession lifts, well-crafted and carefully placed publications keep your organization in the public eye now and help you stay ahead of the competition. I would love to help.

Here are just a few of the projects I’ve either completed or have in process right now.

  1. Website rewrite for a Arizona-based tax accounting firm.
  2. White paper “ghostwriting” for an agent and a consultant. In addition to ghosting, I recommend placement targets for your articles to expand your reach.
  3. Worked for the CPCU Institutes on two projects. I am always proud of my affiliation with them whether I am teaching the Associate in Claims classes  or writing.
  4. Completed a webinar for Insurance Journal Academy on the management of social media in the workforce.
  5. Wrote a lengthy article for IRMI on the basics of workers’ compensation claims management.
  6. Continued to write newsletter copy for one of my favorite clients. Call me for more details if your insurance agency needs an inexpensive but high quality newsletter to keep your name in your clients’ and potential clients’ minds. Or, contact Easy Insurance Newsletters directly and tell them I sent you.

Why wait until the economy is in full swing to publish or advertise? If I can help, please contact me at 602.870.3230. It costs nothing to call.