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Improve your insurance technical writing by removing passive voice

What is passive voice and why should you avoid it in your insurance writing? No matter what you’re writing for the insurance industry, a blog, a technical report or a white paper designed for marketing your business, passive voice weakens your writing. Once you understand a little about passive voice, it becomes much easier to find and eliminate it in your own writing. What is passive voice? Passive voice sentence construction occurs when the subject of a sentence becomes the object of an action. I know, it’s a grammar thing, something we disliked in school. Here’s an example of passive voice. Our underwriting team was defeated by the western region. Passive sentence construction weakens your writer because, in a nutshell, no one takes responsibility for the action. Written actively, this sentence would read like this: The western underwriting region defeated our sales team. Ouch! That wording smarts a bit more,.

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Squirrel! ADHD Officially Hits Training

Ohio has become the first state to officially allow continuing education for accountants in ten-minute increments. I don’t know whether to yell “Squirrel” or applaud them for understanding the way most people seem to learn today. What do you think? Would you want your accountant doing his or her continuing education in ten-minute increments?

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How to Manage Today’s Insurance Professionals

I recently spoke with risk management consultant and former insurance agent Dan Weedin, author of Insuring Success. Weedin and I share something in common: A passion for the insurance industry and a concern that today’s top insurance talent is disappearing. We talked about some of the challenges facing agencies and insurers as they try to align staffing needs with retiring talent. As millions of Baby Boomers retire within this decade, the industry’s talent crisis is real. An added area of concern for insurance organizations is that many of those “Boomers” are deciding whether they should take that last chance and change careers. “Burnout, disgust, and unhappiness in one’s job will lead to change, especially at an age when timing is of the essence,” Weedin says. As these long-tenured and valuable employees leave, so do all their “smarts” that organizations accumulated over the span of their working career. That is how.

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Is Enterprise Risk Management Still Important to Today’s Organizations?

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) framework can provide strong benefits to organizations, helping to integrate and manage regulated operations. In this survey sponsored by Corporate Governance Consultancy Services, 33% of respondents shown in this infographic state that enterprise risk management is the most important. 27% of the respondents say that enterprise risk management continues to be important. For more details please visit     Courtesy of: CAREWeb

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Take the New and Improved Associate in Claims 37 Class

In conjunction with Prepademy, I’ll be teaching the revised curriculum for The Institutes Associate in Claims Class, AIC 37, Managing Bodily Injury Claims, beginning August 28, 2013. For more information about this exciting web-based training opportunity, click this link. We’re just winding up the Workers Compensation portion of the AIC. Prepademy is a convenient and easy way to study for your Associate in Claims designation.  

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The AIC 44 Workers Compensation Claims Practices Class Begins May 23

I’m teaching the new and improved Associate in Claims class, AIC 44 Workers Compensation Claims Practices, on-line at Prepademy. This class begins Thursday, May 23 at 5 p.m. Pacific time. Register with Prepademy for a great preparation for the AIC 44 class. Visit this link for more information. As a former workers compensation claims manager, I love teaching this class, especially in its new, streamlined format. And if you miss the live presentation, Sandy Masters, the owner of Prepademy, makes the classes readily available on line so you can view them at your convenience. We hope you can join us!

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What is the Best Day to Blog or Update Facebook?

When social media is queen, it pays to understand when you should post. We know that posting twice a week will keep your blog rising to the top in SEO optimization. This short, graphical link outlines the best days to post to your blog. Click here.  Whether you consider your business part of finance or consulting, it looks like leaning toward weekend publishing may get you more bang for your blog buck. We provide blog content for some of the nation’s most respected regional and national insurance carriers, agencies and consultancies. We can help you succeed in your SEO or other marketing efforts. Contact us for a no-obligation chat.

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Teaching the AIC 33 Class Virtually

Beginning May 17 at 5 p.m. Pacific time, I’ll be teaching the AIC 33 Claims Handling Principles class for Prepademy. Here is the link to the class. If you’re a newer claims adjuster or wringing your hands over providing in-house claims training, I think you’ll be delighted with this solution. Prepademy offers a unique, 24-hour access to attendees so if you miss a class you can log in at your convenience and access the full class and discussion. We hope to see you there!

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Get Ahead of the Market Madness

This has been a busy new year for me. While I don’t think the recession is over yet as the financial pundits trumpet, since the first of 2010, I have received more agent and carrier phone calls and emails asking about advertising collateral and training. As the recession lifts, put your organization in the public eye now and get ahead of the competition. I would love to help. Here are just a few of the projects I’ve either completed or have in process right now. Website rewrite for a large Midwest independent agency. Website rewrite for a California insurance agent who sells to a highly technical market. Helped an agent craft his biography, which he loved. We found an awesome “hook” that makes his prospective clients say, “I need to meet this guy!” Boring biographies are, well, boring. Most professionals need at least one and perhaps two bios. I would.

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