Has the Insurance Industry Missed the Recruiting Boat?

All of us in the industry responsible for training and recruiting are working as hard as we can to attract new Millennials to our business. Focusing on colleges, we’re teaching, recruiting, interning and trying our hardest to attract new candidates. Sadly, our insurance classes are lucky if they have ten students. Maybe our industry has … Continue reading “Has the Insurance Industry Missed the Recruiting Boat?”

Four tips to giving a great insurance speech

As insurance professionals, we must often deliver speeches in meetings or to large gatherings. It is never easy to find the time to prepare adequately for the talk. Even once prepared, many of us dread public speaking. These four tips will help you painlessly prepare your presentation. What is the theme of my talk? Always … Continue reading “Four tips to giving a great insurance speech”

Improve your insurance technical writing by removing passive voice

What is passive voice and why should you avoid it in your insurance writing? No matter what you’re writing for the insurance industry, a blog, a technical report or a white paper designed for marketing your business, passive voice weakens your writing. Once you understand a little about passive voice, it becomes much easier to … Continue reading “Improve your insurance technical writing by removing passive voice”

Top Presentation Tips for New Trainers

Read my recent article offering training tips for new trainers at original source. First day on the job? Here’s some advice for success, from trainers who have been there. New trainers face daunting challenges. Whether your boss promotes you into a training position or you are hired from another organization, you want to get off … Continue reading “Top Presentation Tips for New Trainers”

How Do I Write a Professional Bio?

Every insurance professional should develop several professional biographies. Why a bio? Because despite our increasing reliance on electronic communications, people still want to know a little about you before they contact you. Your bio is a marketing tool that helps to build your brand. Your brand is your name and the name of your company. … Continue reading “How Do I Write a Professional Bio?”

Are We Too Focused on the Goal?

A few years ago, the Oakland Police Department spent hours trying to oust a gunman who had barricaded himself inside his house. After firing tear gas canisters into the house, the officers finally noticed the home owner standing beside them in the police lineup, chanting, “Please come out and give yourself up!” It’s a great … Continue reading “Are We Too Focused on the Goal?”