The power of the press release

A press release does several things for your business.

  • A news release announces a recent accomplishment you have achieved. For example, it could be a class you completed; a professional designation you earned; a civic award; your appointment to a board or charity; an educational goal you may have attained; a new program you are rolling out; an office expansion; or any noteworthy event that keeps your name in the public arena. One caveat: Don’t fall into the trap of the “I feel good” press release. Find the hook in the accomplishment, which means that the accomplishment also helps your clients, not just you.
  • A press release announces a new program roll out or personnel change. Maybe you have partnered with a new carrier or formed a new strategic alliance. Perhaps you’ve lured a new hire with impressive credentials. Maybe you’ve grown so much that you’re opening a new location.

A press release reminds editors that you are an expert. Every press release should include a brief biography or a short history of your company. The pitch reminds editors to call you, not your competitor, the next time they are looking for a quote or information on insurance for an article they are writing or a television soundbite.

You can write a release yourself after you get the hang of it, but for your first few releases, we’d suggest hiring a professional. “Pushing” the press release is an additional cost and we can help you determine how to best publish your news release. A press release provides free advertising and puts your name in front of important local or national newsmakers who can turn to you when they need information, which means more free advertising. Keeping your name in the public arena is vital to increasing business.

Ask yourself this question: If I planned to buy a house, which realtor’s name would immediately pop into my head in my location? Try to make your name synonymous with insurance in your community.

Press releases are a very inexpensive form of advertising that reminds your community that you are the best one to call when purchasing insurance.

A live stamp can get your marketing letter opened

One holiday season I was in a long line at a California post office. An elderly woman was in line in front of me. When she finally got to the counter, she ordered a book of stamps. After asking for the book, she qualified her statement by saying with a great deal of irritation, “And none of those darn Elvis stamps, either!” Everyone within earshot tried not to laugh out loud.

Should you use a live stamp or bulk mail for your next promotional piece? While bulk mail may save a few pennies, I always use a real stamp. In fact, I often get creative and use stamps with themes or beautiful pictures just to draw the letter opener’s eye to them. Last month it was a Wonder Woman series and that sure got some remarks.

A live stamp makes the recipient pause to ask themselves if this letter is something important. They rarely ditch a stamped letter. Would you?

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